When we first heard about a special paint that absorbs CO2 when it dries, we knew this was the perfect way to bring our values to life as the mobile plan that plants trees. By using this paint, our mural is actually a giant tree - it traps carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with the layers of paint acting just like the rings of a tree. So cool!

Watch the video below to discover how this mural came to be...

A huge thanks to our friends at Graphenstone and Apparition Media who helped us bring this mural to life. It took a few days to complete and was hand-painted by eight expert artists.

Located in Melbourne? Pop down and see it out for yourself, just head to the corner of Elizabeth and Collins Street to check it out. Don't forget to tag @felixmobile and share your snaps with the hashtags #peachygreen and #felixmobile. We'd love to see it!

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45 litres of Biosphere paint absorbs 14kg of CO2, the same amount as a mature 250kg tree does in a year.

As Graphenstone Biosphere paint dries, a process known as ‘carbonating’ takes place, with the high-quality lime within the paint absorbing CO2 as well as mild anti-bacterial and insecticide properties. 
Our mural also used Graphenstone Atmosphere, which is a mineral-based paint that emits ultra-low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds, often found in traditional paints).

The paint was custom made for felix, and we even got to name it! ‘felix Peachy Green’ is a great nod to the rest of our campaign work.

APP - Family planting a seedling together

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