About us

Hi! We're felix and we're not your average telecommunications company. We're a value-first mobile brand that does better for people and our people and planet.

An image of rolling hills in the background, with lush golden Australian countryside in the foreground.

How did we come to exist?

Well, when two people love each other... just kidding.

After chatting with Aussies and doing our research, our team uncovered what people really want from their mobile provider (hint: it wasn't less data at a higher price).

Turns out, Aussies want:

  1. Incredible value plans

  2. A simple + intuitive digital experience

  3. A commitment to improving the planet

  4. Local support at their fingertips

And that's just what felix provides.

Born in 2020, felix offers 3 simple mobile plans that give you more bang for your bark, while also doing good for the planet.

Our promise to the planet

We believe that every person, team and company should take responsibility for the future of our beautiful planet. 

To take responsibility for our carbon emissions, we invest in carbon offsetting projects around the world and are fully powered by renewable electricity.  
But we don’t stop there... 
We’re on a mission to do better. By our customers and the planet. That’s why we plant trees. Hundreds, thousands, millions of trees all over the world to help make our planet a better place.

One tree planted for you every month

We work with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every customer for every month you're with felix.

Powered by 100% renewable electricity

We're proud to be Australia's first telco powered by renewable electricity.

Certified carbon neutral

We invest in certified carbon offset projects through South Pole.

Phone recycling partnership

We've partnered with MobileMuster to help recycle old phones and reuse 95% of the materials.


1,818,371 trees

donated by our community

2,000,000 trees

is our goal

Our trophy cabinet

The Finder gold award logo for best High Data.
Finder Green Telco of the Year for 2023 award
Finder 2023 Green Team of the Year award for 2023
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