Switching your number to felix

Bringing your number over to felix is a simple process, all done via our handy app.

95% of switches are completed within two hours, and you won't lose service with your current provider until you're on ours.

Some tips before you start

1. We'll ask you a few important questions before you get started
These are to check you own your current number and to protect you from number fraud.

2. Your felix SIM will arrive un-activated
It's important that you follow the steps in the app to activate. We'll notify you when it's time to insert your felix SIM.

3. You'll need to keep your current service active
Please keep your current provider’s active SIM in your phone until the switch is complete. Once you’ve switched over, your service with them will automatically cancel.

4. Number switches usually take less than two hours
The good news is that you won’t lose service with your current provider until you’re on felix.

While you wait for the switch to go through, you can continue to use your current provider’s SIM.

Follow these steps to switch your number over to felix

You’ll stay connected and in control during the switching process that hundreds of felix customers have raved about!

Sign up to felix

You can bring your number or get a new one! When you switch to felix via our mobile app or website.

To ensure your transfer can be completed as quickly as possible, you'll need to have the below information about your current provider handy (these need to match exactly for the switch to go through):

1. Your payment type (postpaid or prepaid)
2. Account number (usually on your bill) or
3. The account holder's date of birth

Start the switch in the app

Received your peachy SIM? Great! Now it’s time to head to the felix app and log in for the next steps.

You’ll need to then verify the transfer by replying with the six-digit code sent to your mobile via SMS. The transfer will start after the code has been successfully verified.

Most switches are complete in less than two hours or by the end of the following business day.

Heads up: You can start the number transfer at any time; however, transfers are processed between 8am-8pm Mon-Fri and 10am-6pm AEST on Saturday.

You've switched over

You’ll know your switch has successfully gone through when your current provider's service no longer works. This will automatically cancel your service with them. You can now insert the felix SIM into your mobile – welcome to felix!

Handy tip: You may need to give your mobile a little nudge by turning it off and on if your service isn’t active straight away.

Need some help? Contact us on live chat via the app or website. Our local team is online every day and ready to give you a hand!

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