Australian Bushfire Relief

Australia experienced devastating fires at the end of 2019 through to 2020 which burnt considerable amounts of temperate broadleaf and mixed forests. In addition to forests and other vegetation being lost, there were a high number of animal casualties. Reforestation is essential in rebuilding their habitat.  

At felix, we know the importance of trees in our ecosystem, so as well as our ongoing commitment to plant a tree for each active month you’re with us, we’re also investing in a bushfire relief initiative in Australia.  

This initiative is in partnership with One Tree Planted, and will see us invest in a project led by the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. Our investment will help to supply 15,000 native seedlings to local nurseries.  

One Tree Planted’s project goals include: 

  • Restore habitat impacted by 2019-20 summer bushfires in QLD, SA, VIC & NSW  

  • Provide funding for community nurseries to support revegetation projects in areas impacted by fires  

  • Provide opportunities for growth to support long term community volunteering programs 

An example of a species to be planted that has been impacted by fire is the She-Oak. The planting of these trees will help the restoration of habitat for threatened species including the Black Glossy Cockatoo. 

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