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What is Carbon Offsetting?

More people than ever are now aware that our everyday actions – the food we eat, the technology we use and our lifestyles - can drive the greenhouse gas GHG emissions that contribute to climate change.

Offsetting is a way of compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions, by investing in projects which reduce emissions elsewhere, such as reforestation or clean energy projects.

Every tonne of emissions reduced by a project results in the creation of one carbon offset (also known as carbon credit). These projects must adhere to internationally recognised verification standards and strict third-party audit criteria in order to be awarded these offsets.

At felix we invest in certified carbon offset projects to offset the carbon footprint of all other emissions associated with running our business.

felix invests only in certified offset projects approved by Climate Active.

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We have proudly embarked on partnerships with 2 incredible projects that will make a positive difference to both local and international emissions
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Locally, we have invested in the Aak Puul Ngantam Savanna Burning project which reduces CO2 emissions through traditional indigenous fire management on Australia's Cape York peninsula. Savanna fire management projects reduce emissions from large, hot fires in the late dry season by implementing planned "cool" burns early in the season to reduce fuel load and create fire breaks. This project employs the knowledge of Traditional Custodians from the Wik and Kugu communities who work to care for country through cultural burning practices.

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Outside of Australia, but still close to home, we’re investing in a renewable energy project: Prony and Kafeate Wind Power, in New Caledonia. This wind farms consists of 116 wind turbines that use world-class technology to provide New Caledonia with an estimated yearly production of 40 GWh of emissions-free, renewable electricity.

By displacing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel power plants with renewable electricity, Prony Wind Power contributes to a reduction in global emissions. The project has also boosted local economies, creating employment in both the construction and operational phases and spreading technological know-how. The success of this project is a tribute to the viability and value of sustainable development in small island nations, promoting climate awareness and action, and ultimately increasing climate resilience in the Pacific Island region.

Source: South Pole, the felix carbon offset and renewable electricity provider

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