Thanks to our customers we have contributed:

440,783 trees

Why trees?

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.

Deforestation is a growing issue across the globe with approximately one soccer field of forest being cut down every second – a key reason why trees sit so closely to our team’s hearts.

How does it work?

Just for choosing felix as your phone plan provider, we’ll contribute one tree for every month you’re with us through One Tree Planted.

Along the way we’ve also made some donations including 15,000 seedlings for bush fire relief in Australia when we launched in late 2020 and 25,000 additional trees for World Environment Day in June of 2021.

We work with the passionate team at One Tree Planted to select the projects where the felix trees will be planted. Project selection considers the planting season and other benefits such as biodiversity and community benefits. One Tree Planted’s local planting partners then plant the saplings in the rainy season and the trees are monitored and maintained. We then receive a report on the impact generated and share it back with our felix customers!

Essentially by being with felix, you’re supporting one little sapling to be grown in local nurseries, planted in the earth, and cared for in the wild in its early stages of life.

What projects does felix work with?

Our projects include planting native trees for threatened species right here in Australia, planting trees for cleaner air in India and protecting forest ecosystems in the Andes.  

You’ll often see us contributing to different projects around the world – usually one project per quarter depending on where it’s the rainy season at that time.  

At the end of the project, we send a wrap up to our wonderful customers, so you know what tree species we planted, the number of trees we planted and any great benefits that have come from working with the local communities along the way. 

Read more about the projects we contribute to.

FAQs on One tree a month

How do you contribute to tree planting in Australia?

Our partner, One Tree Planted, supports a number of local projects around Australia. These projects focus on bushfire recovery, habitat restoration and creation, soil regeneration and community volunteering. The first project we are supporting will help with the creation of new tree nurseries and ultimately plant trees in National Parks as well as private lands that were damaged by the 2019/2020 fire season. More info here

Terms + Conditions

One Tree Planted - tree planting initiative
One tree planted for every month you're with us with an active $35 felix subscription (Eligible Subscription). Trees are planted by our vendor One Tree Planted, by forecast in advance or retrospectively, but usually within 18 months of each monthly Eligible Subscription, of varying species and in varying locations in Australia and/or around the world. We will provide you with general progress updates periodically. We make no representations or guarantee as to the health and lifespan of any tree planted, including whether any tree reaches maturity. For every month your Eligible Subscription is paused, a tree will not be contributed. If your Eligible Subscription is cancelled, your tree contribution will also cease. Felix Mobile reserves the right to change the environmental model it chooses to invest in, of which tree planting with One Tree Planted is an example. Subject to change. T&C apply.

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