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Powered by 100% renewable electricity

felix is proudly the first telco brand in Australia to be powered by renewable electricity.

At felix, we believe companies can and should be considering how they’re producing and using energy, and for us, one of the most significant forms of energy is electricity.

In sad news for fossil fuels, more companies are opting to transition towards renewable electricity, and the energy sector as a result is going under a large transformation, including the share of renewable energy being fed into the electricity system.

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Fossil fuels vs renewable energy - what's the difference?

Fossil fuels (such as coal, oil or gas) are formed by the natural process of decomposing plants and animals over millions of years. These contain carbon and hydrogen and are burned to release energy, while releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These are considered ‘non-renewable’ as once they’re used, they are gone for good.

Renewable energy is generated from sources that never run out and harness natural resources such as sunlight and wind. Plus, most renewable sources don’t release harmful greenhouse gas emissions - reducing our carbon footprint at the same time.

How does felix claim to use renewable electricity?

For us to be able to track just how much renewable energy is fed into the electricity grid, Renewable Energy Certificates (known as RECs) with a unique number are assigned for every megawatt hour (MWh) created from renewable technologies (like solar panels or wind turbines).

For felix to say that we’re powered by 100% renewable electricity, we’ve purchased enough large-scale certificates (LGCs) that equate to the total electricity (MWh) that felix consumes in a year.

As the felix community grows, so will our purchase of renewable electricity, which will help incentivise the growth of renewable electricity in Australia.

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