25GB Mobile Plan Offer - $10/mth For Your First 3 Months

For personal use only. Offer available only to new and approved felix customers ("Eligible Customers") who purchase the felix subscription online via the felix website or app on the felix 25GB Subscription plan at $25 per month ("Subscription Plan"). Offer ends 14th July 2024 ("Promotional Period"). Approved customers include customers who have not previously had an account with felix as well as past customers who do not hold a registered felix account.​

Eligible customers receive their first 3 months of their subscription discounted by $15 off on the 25GB mobile plan. Customers may cancel at any time with no lock-in contract. Total minimum spend is $10. Customers must activate their SIMs within 3 months of purchase.​

After 3 months, your Subscription plan will automatically renew on a $25/mth basis, unless otherwise stated. 1 promotion available for each eligible customer. This offer does not stack with other offers.​

Customers cannot sign up with more than one account as part of this promotion. If a customer is found in breach, any order created with an ineligible account will be cancelled.​

If, for any reason whatsoever, you do not make a recurring monthly subscription fee payment during the first 3 months by your prescribed due date or pause your subscription during first three months, you must pay $25 to restart your subscription to be eligible for any subsequent discounts available to you in connection with this promotion.​

Offer does not apply to $5 Unlimited International Calls and Texts or $20 International Roaming (“add ons”). Offer not transferable or redeemable for cash and subject to change. Not for commercial or resale purposes.

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