What you can do at speeds of 20Mbps

We’ve compiled a handy guide below to give you more information of what you can expect to do at 20Mbps:

Watch your favourite show on the go and it'll start streaming in HD quality quickly

HD content from the vast majority of providers will be supported. Netflix, Stan and YouTube recommend 5Mbps for HD video streaming. If your speed at the time is less than that, you may revert to SD quality.

Hit play on your favourite Spotify tune and it’ll start streaming quickly

The same goes with Apple Music, SoundCloud and so on.

Catch up with family and friends via HD video calls comfortably

In times of network congestion or when speeds vary, you may revert to SD quality

Scroll and share on your social media feeds, browse the net, and send and receive emails comfortably
Hotspot/tether to a single device on the go (suitable for single use)

If multiple devices are running together, activities like videos, websites and content may be slower to load and may buffer, or default to SD quality

Most apps will download quickly, but some operating system updates and very large files may be slow to download

On felix, you get data at speeds of up to 20Mbps.

Remember data speeds are “up to” speeds, and the actual speeds you experience may vary depending on many factors such as device capability, location, network congestion at the time of use, network coverage and if you’re roaming. See our coverage checker for more information on coverage in your area.

felix 7 Day Happiness Guarantee

We're pretty sure you'll think everything about felix is peachy, including our data speed, but if you don't and you're a new customer, just let us know within seven days of activating your SIM for a full refund. T&C apply

20Mbps refers to speed

Speed is measured in megabits per second (also known as Mbps), and refers to how fast your mobile data connection is. The higher the Mbps, the faster the speed of your data connection on your device. In practice this impacts how quickly you can send and receive information, like loading social posts, listening to music, streaming videos, or downloading or uploading files or making video calls.


The felix plan is intended to be used with your personal mobile phone. You are permitted to tether other personal devices, such as your laptop or tablet, to your mobile phone by creating a mobile hotspot from your phone via Wi-Fi.

However the felix plan must not be used to provide tethering to other people's devices (for example the devices of members of your household, colleagues or friends), nor used as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem.

Personal use for approved customers only. Fair Use Policy applies.

How to switch to felix

1. Download the felix app or continue on web to sign up
Your plan will only begin once you activate your SIM, so you won’t lose any days.

2. Order your SIM with free express delivery
It should arrive in 1-3 business days.

3. Activate your SIM in the app

Bring your number over to felix or get a new one. It's your choice!

More about the felix 7 Day Happiness Guarantee

If you’re a new felix customer and you don't love our Subscription within the first 7 days of activating your SIM, you’re welcome to cancel your Subscription by contacting Customer Care via Live Chat for a full refund. This guarantee does not affect any other rights or remedies you may have under consumer law. Full terms and conditions on our Plan page.