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Data speed guide

With 5Mbps, you can stream music and high definition video, make a video call, browse the internet and catch up on social media, however downloading or uploading large files such as updating apps or syncing to cloud storage may be slow to load.

On the felix subscription you get Endless data at speeds of up to 5Mbps.

We’ve compiled a handy speed reference guide below, to give you more information of what you can expect to do at 5Mbps. Remember data speeds are “up to” speeds and the actual speeds you experience may vary depending on many factors such as device capabilities, location, network congestion, network coverage and if you are roaming. Check out our Coverage Checker for more information. 

What is data speed?

Speed refers to how fast your mobile data connection is. We measure it in Mbps (megabits per second) – the higher the Mbps, the faster the speed of your data connection on your device. 

In practice, this impacts how quickly you can send and receive information, like loading Instagram posts, listening to Spotify, streaming videos on YouTube, downloading or uploading files or making video calls. 

What can you expect to do at speeds of 5Mbps

Browsing the internet, SMS and emails

At data speeds of 5Mbps, you can browse the internet and send SMSs and emails comfortably

Checking social media

5Mbps will mean you can check your socials as often as you like

Music streaming

5Mbps on the felix subscription should allow you to stream great quality tunes

Making and receiving HD video calls

At 5Mbps, HD video calls will be well supported, however if speeds vary, or there’s network congestion your video calls may default to SD quality

Streaming HD TV shows and movies

Netflix recommends 5Mbps for HD quality, which is the maximum data speed for the felix subscription. If the actual speed you experience falls below 5Mbps, these services may default to SD quality. HD content from some providers may not be supported. Some videos may be slow to start

Downloading and updating apps on the go

Big apps might be slow to download and update than smaller ones

Downloading and uploading large files

We wouldn’t recommend downloading or uploading large files (for example >100MB), such as syncing to cloud storage as it may be slow to load


Tethering is suitable for single use only. If multiple devices are running together, videos will be restricted to SD, may be slow to load and/or buffer and web pages and content may be slow to load. Your experience of 5Mbps may degrade on larger-screen tablets, when compared to a smaller-sized mobile phone or tablet

How long will some normal activities take at speeds of 5Mbps?

Here is a table showing you the estimated time it will take to do different types of activities at speeds of 5Mbps

Stream a 5 minute standard definition song (approx 7MB) Estimated 20 seconds

Download an app (approx. 30MB) Estimated 50 seconds

Download a 20 minute Netflix episode (approx. 240MB) Estimated 6 minutes 30 seconds

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