Our phones might look cute and clean but the data centers and network that drive them use electricity that causes carbon emissions. At felix, we buy renewable electricity in Australia to cover the power used in providing our service, and invest in certified carbon offset projects to offset all other emissions. All of this is certified through the Climate Active initiative, a partnership between Australian government and businesses.

What are we doing to reduce our emissions?

felix is a business owned by TPG Telecom Limited. Together we have an ongoing focus on the energy efficiency of the mobile network and undertake various initiatives to reduce energy usage:

Installing passive fan-cooling systems to keep network equipment cool and reduce our reliance on energy-intensive air conditioners 

The installation of hundreds of energy ‘smart meters’ to better understand and manage energy use.

Working with network partners to install more efficient equipment and using innovative network site design to improve energy performance.

TPG Telecom is also currently developing its plans related to the use of renewable electricity and further reducing its impact on the environment. We will be making further announcements in coming months.

At felix, we’ve also designed our SIM cards and packaging to minimize waste. We’re exploring the use of eSIM technologies to avoid the manufacture and transportation of plastic SIM cards.

1m tonnes of CO2 produced by phone use every year

What is renewable electricity?

Renewable electricity is energy that comes from renewable sources like wind or solar.

At felix we purchase renewable electricity to cover all of the power used in providing the felix mobile service to our customers.

To find out more about how we are powered by 100% renewable electricity click here

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a way of compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions, by investing in projects which reduce emissions elsewhere, such as reforestation or clean energy projects.
At felix we invest in certified carbon offset projects to offset the carbon footprint of all other emissions associated with running our business.

To find out more about the projects we're investing in click here

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South Pole, the felix carbon offset and renewable electricity provider

Carbon Neutral FAQs

Why is being carbon neutral important?

There is a more than 95% probability that the warming of the earth is attributable to human-emitted greenhouse gases such as CO2. The effects of climate change will, in most parts of the world, lead to significant risks as the temperature rises further. Businesses are a significant contributor to these emissions so its our responsibility to take action.

How did you become carbon neutral?

We partnered with the governments Climate Active Initiative to gain an accreditation of 100% carbon neutral. The first step was to calculate the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions that we currently produce. This established our carbon footprint.
The second step would normally involve reducing emissions where possible. Because we’re a new business we don't have a baseline to reduce, but this will happen next year.
Finally, any remaining emissions were offset by purchasing carbon credits.

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