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felix mobile Approved Device List

In accordance with the Standard Form of Agreement, unless otherwise agreed with felix mobile in writing, felix mobile SIM cards can only be used with Approved Devices as specified by felix mobile. felix mobile may add or withdraw devices from this list from time to time.

felix SIM cards that are used in non-approved devices may be suspended by felix mobile, unless felix mobile has otherwise given approval in writing. felix mobile may also block any such device from being used on the felix/Vodafone Network.

The list below includes our approved felix mobile devices. Our mobile app is supported best by the Android 12 and iOS 15 operating systems, however, you should be able to install and use the app on other operating systems and devices.

Using a device on our network other than an approved felix device may impact your ability to make calls, in particular to emergency services.

Have any questions? Chat with us on our website or via the app on live chat.

Current list of approved felix mobile devices

1. Alcatel
2. Apple
3. Google
4. Huawei
5. LG
6. Mobiwire
7. Motorola
8. Nokia
9. Oppo
10. Samsung
11. TCL
12. Vodafone
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